Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shirtless: Cesc Fabregas

I guess if Barca would lose in the 2nd leg of their match against Arsenal, I won’t feel too bad as long as I can stare at The Gunners’ captain all day long…

Arsenal captain, Cesc "Sex" Fabregas

he also plays for Spain..

in an interview, he says he likes nothing better than sitting
around the house watching TV or playing on
his X-Box wearing just his boxer shorts

locker room pics!

can't decide if he looks good with the beard or without it..

he sure does love changing in public :)


nice view..

this hottie is BFFs with Gerard Pique,
they go way back in their youth club days

not liking the long hair

this guy loves to tease...

But I think he really just wants to take off his shirt, but FIFA is pretty strict with goal celebrations.. so sadly, players can't take off their jersey :(

see, he takes it all off if he scores... damn rule!

one of my favorite parts in watching football matches... after the game shots...

so serious...

not so serious :P

not exactly shirtless... but...


the naked guy in the background is __________


other cutie photos...

I think he was younger in this photo


  1. Cescy cesc!!!oh my god!!fabregas y are u so hot n sexy??luv u söoo much ...wish we wer togethr,or wish i got a hug frm u!!damn ur so SEXXXY!!!!-* :-* :-* uv u....

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  3. As for a man like me, he is quite OK. Hope he likes guys! I would love to spend a night with him...

  4. OMG world's most hottest man!

  5. I would love him to be naked in my locker to man !

  6. OMG yes ! Better still, naked in the locker room showers. Shirt off and everything ! MAN TO NAKED MAN !!!!!!!!!!