Friday, February 11, 2011

Shirtless Azkals!!!

I've always believed that football players have one of the hottest bodies in the field of sports...  And to prove my point, I present the Shirtless Series...

In honor of their win last Wednesday, I'm featuring the Azkals... (sorry, I can only find most of the 1st 11 squad of last Wednesday's game)...

Ladies, are you ready?


Neil Etheridge, the goalkeeper

here's an unobstructed view
from any angle you look at, he is hot, hot, HOT

becuase he's just too hot, he deserves another look

Anton del Rosario

they should have all been shirtless... :(
partially covered by a towel :(

Anton del Rosario, is that you?

Roel Gener
Jason de Jong
damn bench.. >=|

Jason De Jong

I know he's not shirtless... but he's shortless, one letter difference won't matter :P
Jason De Jong
Horsin' around in the locker room.

James Younghusband
This picture is ___________________

Simon Greatwich
Phil Younghusband
lock me up with him and throw away the keys!
Phil Younghusband
This should be what all players ought be wearing (or not wearing) when they're in the locker room
two shirtless azkals... and a bed.
Neil Etheridge and Phil Younghusband

FIVE shirtless azkals in one pic!!!
James Younghusband, Ian Araneta, Simon Greatwich(?), Phil Younghusband and Aly Borromeo

If you think five was a lot...
Sorry, I can only identify Neil Etheridge, Rob Gier, Aly Borromeo, Chad Gould, Simon Greatwich and Anton del Rosario (don't know all my azkals yet)

You know how they take a picture of the squad right before the game starts?  They should have an after-the-game squad picture but they all have to be shirtless :)

Sorry, I couldn’t find shirtless pics of Ray Jonsson and Chieffy Caligdon, if you find any, please do share it.  Or if you have any other shirtless pics of other Azkals players.

Also, I don’t really know the cyber-rules in posting pictures from other sites, so to be safe (and if you want to see the original website), you can click the photo to get to the site where I “grabbed”/stole the pics from.

There are a lot more of shirtless pics of the Younghusband brothers in the internet but they’re easier to find compared to the rest of the azkals.  So if you want more shirtless pics of them, I leave the searching to you (happy hunting) :)

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  1. <3 <3 anton del rosario and niel etheridge