Monday, February 21, 2011

Champions League Round of 16 continues

Lyon v Real Madrid
3:30AM on Feb 23 @ Balls Channel

The last time they faced each in the Champions League was in last year’s Round of 16 stage.  And Lyon ended up moving on to the next sage.  I wonder how things will turn out this time with the Spanish giants under the helm of Jose Mourinho.  Kaka is back from an injury but Gonzalo Higuain is not as lucky.  The French side will also be without their striker Lisandro due to a hamstring injury during training.  But don’t worry ladies, we can still ogle Yoan Gourcuff, he is just quite all right... quite all right indeed!

Gourcuff, I can just stare at your eyes all day... *sigh*

Even when stretching, he looks like he's posing for an ad...

The Merengues (I know, I’m using my new “expertise” on team nicknames) are seen as the favorites in this match.  They were one of my favorite teams, especially during the pre-galacticos era with Raul, Roberto Carlos, Hierro and a young Casillas.  But now, I don’t know...  I love, love Casillas and Ozil… not really a fan of Kaka... but I hate C. Ronaldo… if he weren’t on this team, I’d root for Real.

Kaka looking... creepy

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