Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nobody likes Cristiano Ronaldo (duh!)

According to The Spoiler, he has only three teammates who like him.  No surprise there.  There have been rumors and rumblings that Sergio Ramos is looking to transfer to Premier League because of a tiff with CR7.  And then there was this issue with Casillas' GFAlthough I’d say he has at least four or maybe five friends in the team, they forgot to count Ozil and Kaka.  CR7 may be a good player but is an ass.  Apparently, they hate his guts so much that when he scores a goal and does his goal celebration thingy, to quote The Spoiler, “NO-ONE ELSE IS CELEBRATING WITH HIM

So I did a little digging and here are some photos I found of his goal celebrations... most of what I found are of him celebrating alone...

I know men have become more and more metrosexuals, 
but I think someone got a little carried away with the plucking as
those eyebrows are just a tad too "shaped" for me
dunno if this one's a goal celebration or it's just CR7 being a douche
there's Ozil going to him... where's everyone else?

I also found a video of his top 10 goals for Real Madrid, see for youself…

What do you think?

So in tomorrow’s match against Lyon, let’s all watch if it is true that nobody celebrates with him (if he can score, that is).

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