Monday, February 28, 2011

Footballer Focus: Carles Puyol

I’ve always been fascinated about who football players are outside the pitch.  Finding out beyond their career and playing stats... what are the little known facts about them? 

The first post for Footballer Focus will be Barcelona’s Captain, Carles Puyol.

the 32-year-old Spanish defender

  • He is a huge fan of death metal and the bands Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death
  • He is an honorary member of the Fundación Altarriba, a Spanish animal protection group that cares for abandoned animals
  • He has a pet sheep named Queca
  • He prefers to read and does not like to go out very much

known for his long curly locks

  • On his hair: His then coach at Barca, Louis van Gaal, suggested that he get it cut when he was 19.  To this day, he has kept his hair as it is.  He has said he might cut it, but probably when he has retired.  He admits that he sometimes hide behind his hair a little (like when he was in a towel and the Queen visited the locker room)
  • He waxes his hair (although it didn’t indicate if it’s only the chest part… hmmmmm…)
  • His superstitious belief/practice (this could be a great idea for a series): When he steps on the pitch, he always does it with his right foot and not touch the lines.
  • He has 5 tattoos.  There is one on each arm, another beneath his watch and another on his lower chest.  His tattoos are in places where he can hide them.  (I wonder where the fifth one is…. o.O).  He had theee of the tattoos on the same day, which says: “Power is in the mind,” “Only the strongest survive,” and “When there is a will, there is a way.”
  • He is addicted to his mobile phone and passionate about New York
  • He originally started as a goalie until he injured his shoulder.  He also played as a striker in his youth days

  • He practices yoga and Pilates, and is very interested in Tibetan Buddhism and culture.  He even met the Dalai Lama
  • According to him, his parents did not believe that he could become an accomplished footballer and instead encouraged him to study.
  • He has only played for Barca (professionally) and hopes to stay with the team as long as he can
  • Even if he is aggressive on defence, he is rarely yellow carded
  • Barcelona fans have nicknamed him “The Wall”
  • Puyol is often referred as Carlos by Spanish media, despite constantly stressing his name is indeed Carles
  • his friends call him Puyi
Read this cute Marie Claire interview of Puyol which gives you a peek of the dynamics of the Barca team and he talks about meeting the queen wearing a towel.

For career stats and details, click here and here.

After reading all the things about him and FC Barcelona, the more I love I fell in love with the club.  They seem to be really goof friends and get along with each other.

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