Friday, February 4, 2011

Shakira moving to Spain to be closer to Piqué?

Rumors are all a-buzzin’ again as Shakira put out an indefinite lease on a luxury villa on the city outskirts of Barcelona.

Last August 2010, she split with her fiancée of 11 years, Antonio De La Rua, son of the former president of Argentina.  Just around that time, gossip surfaced linking the sexy singer to the FC Barcelona defender, Gerard Piqué when the footballer was spotted exiting the same hotel in Ibiza that Shakira had been staying in for a couple of days.  There were reports on secret rendezvous and that they were even seen kissing in a restaurant.  Both camps denied the affair.

grainy picture of both Shakira and Piqué in the same hotel, “proof” that they were supposedly there at the same time

Now, the Shakira-Piqué rumours are back in the public attention as it’s speculated that she’s moving to Spain to be closer to Piqué.  Neighbors as are saying that they have spotted the couple walking the dog and going inside the house

Interestingly, this was not only the juicy rumour the sexy football hunk was involved in last year.  A photo of him and his Barcelona team mate, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was found the picture in a Facebook group called "Yo También Me Quedé Traspuesto/a Al Ver La Foto De Ibra Y Piqué" ("I, Too, Was Transfixed By the Ibra and Piqué Photo).  It shows the two of them sharing a very tender and loving moment outside the team's training facilities.  It has caused people to speculate over the nature of their relationship.

could it be photoshop? or just a weird camera angle? or is there really something going on between them?

Ibrahimovic is already married, with children.  Piqué has been linked to the Welsh beauty and Bollywood actress, Lisa Lazarus when he was just starting his career at Manchester United.

 Liza Lazarus Miss UK 2008 and represented UK in Miss Universe 2008

Going back to the Shakira-Piqué rumor, only time will tell if these two are really an item. 
The two meet when during the shooting of the Waka-waka video, the official track of the 2010 World Cup.

Wait for the 11:11 mark to see Piqué.

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