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AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers: Philippines vs Myanmar

1 — 1
Myanmar vs Philippines
March 21 @ 5PM (Philippine Time)

The match ended with a 1-1 draw.  What makes it a heartbreaking result is that Myanmar equalized during the last minute (literally!) of the stoppage time.  Last minute goals are pretty frustrating if you're the team leading in score.  'Coz you're there thinking, you've got it in the bag, just a few minutes more... and all of a sudden, you lose your lead and you barely have time left to get it back.  But, that's football for you... anything can happen.

I can't really say anything more about the match since there was no live telecast.  Myanmar did not grant our request for a live coverage of the game, we had to rely on twitter updates by people who were there (sucks, right?).  ABS-CBN will try to secure a copy of the video coverage of the match and the person who will be bringing the video to the Philippines will arrive here by Wednesday (Mar 25) morning and ABS will try to air it as soon as they can.

I’ll update you in case I’ll find photos of the game.

If you haven’t caught the live twitter updates, I’ve tried to collate the tweets of @craigburrows, @DYANCASTILLEJO, @cedelfpt, @philfootball and @PhilYHusband to get an “almost” minute-by-minute commentary (“almost” because internet connection in Myanmar is patchy). 

Here you go:

1st Half

à 1 minute of silence for japan
à Kick off
            @cedelfpt: azkals in blue kits with Myanmar in red and white.  Etheridge in black
            @DYANCASTILLEJO: myanmar has the ball
            @DYANCASTILLEJO: corner kick for Myanmar and neil gets the ball
            @cedelfpt: angel strikes an imposing figure on the pitch.  First corner to myanmar.
à 3rd minute
            @cedelfpt: Neil fumbles corner but recovers. oooh
            @DYANCASTILLEJO: good catch by myanmar goalie
            @DYANCASTILLEJO: foul by new spanish forward aldeguer guirado
à 5th minute
            @cedelfpt: james sends a cross to ian but myanmar keeper safely holds on
à 6th minute
@cedelfpt: #azkals on the backfoot in the first 6 mins. Bt defense looks stable.anton and rob centerbacks
à 8th minute
            @cedelfpt: neil saves a glancing header from Yan Paing off a corner
à 9th minute
            @cedelfpt: Myanmar’s first real chance.  Pai Soe 1-on-1 wd Neil, sends shot wide
à 11th minute
            @cedelfpt: #azkals under real pressure. Another Pai Soe effort just wide

@cedelfpt: myanmar already has 4 chances.  They’ve been raiding flanks, esp right on gener’s side
à 14th minute
            @cedelfpt: Pai Soe tests Neil again from 30 yards.  Easy save, still 0-0
            @cedelfpt: @DYANCASTILLEJO’s tweetdeck has stopped working

@craigburrows: Pai Soe shoots wide in a 1v1. Myanmar playing good football, come on #Azkals show your support Philippines!

            @cedelfpt: believe it or not, Chieffy Caligdong has yet to touch d ball

@craigburrows: Myanmar playing good football but Etheridge has kept them out.  Philippines look to counter and get a free kick, Myanmar clear

à 18th minute
@cedelfpt: chieffy has touched the ball, albeit briefly.  Neil wd another save on header from Yang Paing

            @DYANCASTILLEJO: Neil saving many attempts
@craigburrows: Guirado is sent clear on the left wing, puts in an inviting cross but Myanmar defend well.  Lots of counter-attacking football

à 22nd minute
@cedelfpt: chieffy wd steal bt touch to heavy, loses ball.  Angel (Guirado) wd cross bt no one gets touch on.  Still 0-0

@craigburrows: Greatwich brought down in the Azkals half.  Etheridge hits the freekick up and Guirado shows strength but Myanmar clear again

à 25th minute
@cedelfpt: Pai Soe wd a cross, far post to Myo Min Tun wd a shot from 10 yards that goes wide.  0-0
@cedelfpt: its been a 1-way traffic for myanmar in first 25 min
@cedelfpt: Pai Soe again catches gener sleeping, another clear chance goes over d bar.

@craigburrows: Myanmar break and a cross is sent wide by MM Tun.  Myanmar get clear again and have a great chance but Pai Soe shoots over

à 30th minute
@cedelfpt: Han Win Aun dispossessed by Chieffy again. Bt chance goes up in smoke,and Aung gets a jeers from home crowd.  0-0
            @DYANCASTILLEJO: Myanmar more than 7 attempts at goal boal

@craigburrows: Araneta gets through and has a chance but is called back for offside.  #Azkals moving forward now from a long defensive period
            @DYANCASTILLEJO: ball handling of myanmar very good getting through our defense

à 31st minute
            @DYANCASTILLEJO: 31 minutes passed myanmar so many near goal…phils barely 2

à 32nd minute
@cedelfpt: angel (Guirado) floats a dangerous cross after a 20-yard run wd stepovers. Great skill bt no 1 der to finish.

            @DYANCASTILLEJO: anghel (Guirado) had 1 from outside but too far…myanmar is fast

à 33rd minute
@cedelfpt: no clear cut chance for #azkals yet
@DYANCASTILLEJO: anghel (Guirado) fighting for ball but lost it…ball mostly with myanmar but we’re trying

@DYANCASTILLEJO: thank GOD!!!!!another miss but almost goal so near…ball was high over goal corner now myanmar

@DYANCASTILLEJO: thank God another save by niel etheridge ball still with myanmar corner again for myanmar

à 35th minute
@cedelfpt: gener beaten on right flank by d skipper Myo Min Tun, Ray clears dangerous cross. 0-0

à 36th minute
@DYANCASTILLEJO: no goals…36 mins na 0-0

@cedelfpt: its a pity that phil and angel (Guirado) aren’t playing together should’ve been a great combination

@DYANCASTILLEJO: myanmar passing good,fast...calm oh no another one

à 39th minute
@cedelfpt: james sends a low cross from right,but myanmar clears it

à 40th minute
@DYANCASTILLEJO: 40 mins into game 0-0

à 41st minute
@cedelfpt: myanmar’s wing play causing #azkals problems

à 43rd minute
@DYANCASTILLEJO: 2 minutes to halftime

@philfootball: Couple more minutes before halftime

@DYANCASTILLEJO: players come to bench for water

@DYANCASTILLEJO: its very hot…players from -15 in Mongolia to +30 deg today…thats what sportsmen have to deal with

@cedelfpt: Yan Pain clutching his ankle. gets treatment. 1 additional minute injury time first half
@philfootball: +1 minute added time before halftime break

@cedelfpt: Myanmar free kick. Easily gathered. Halftime 0-0

2nd Half

@DYANCASTILLEJO: 2nd half just started

@philfootball: 2nd half!
@craigburrows: forgive the slow coverage, internet keeps crashing and blocking tweets.  Barseles replaces Araneta for the restart.

@DYANCASTILLEJO: @cedelfpt having connection problems. Half time change yanti (Barsales) for Ian (Araneta)

@craigburrows: back online and the game begins.  Both teams battling hard for the ball but lacking the final ball

@craigburrows: long throws have been dangerous all day but the Philippines clear and
have a penalty shoot denied.
@craigburrows: Borromeo cuts out a pass and the throw-in is cleared.  Myanmar shoot from distance but Etheridge watches it wide.

@craigburrows: #Azkals are more attackive minded now and put in a few crosses but they’re cleared.  Guirado chests down for James YH but saved.

@craigburrows: Pai Soe breaks again and puts in another cross.  Philippines clears and win a free kick in their half.  #Azkals more positive

@craigburrows: internet is holding up and chants run around the stadium.  H W Aung (DF) is replaced by S M OO (ST) – Myanmar look to attack.
@craigburrows: Pai Soe goes down the line and puts in a dangerous cross.  #Azkals clear and it’s a Myanmar throw.

@craigburrows: Cleared by the Phils and a long ball upfield is picked up by Myanmar who bring it forward.  Their attack filters out though.

à by this point, I think all three (@craigburrows, @DYANCASTILLEJO and @cedelfpt) have lost internet connection

à 65th minute
@philfootball: 65th min and still 0-0

à 72nd minute
@philfootball: 72’ 0-0

à 73rd minute
@philfootball: Red card for Myanmar 73’!

@craigburrows: spoke too soon about the internet.  After a gret 15 minutes it’s patchy again.  That means less updates I’m afraid.

à 76th minute
@DYANCASTILLEJO: GOAL! Now Philippine 1-0 Myanmar
@PhilYHusband: Yes James!
@craigburrows: James Younghusband scores penalty!!!! 1-0 Philippines!!!!

à 81st minute
@philfootball: 81’ MYA 0 v 1 PHILIPPINES. 1 red card for MYA. 76’ Goal for Philippines by James Younghusband @JHY53

à 85th minute
@philfootball: 85’ still MYA 0 v 1 PHILIPPINES. A few more minutes before the final whistle!

à 88th minute
@philfootball: 88’ MYA 0 v 1 PHILIPPINES!!!  Two more minutes guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

à 90th minute
@philfootball: 90’ MYA 0 v 1 PHILIPPINES! There might be a couple or three minutes of added time.

@PhilYHusband: Nooooooooooooo!
@philfootball: 90+’ MYA 1 v 1 PHILIPPINES!
@philfootball: FINAL SCORE MYA 1 v 1 PHILIPPINES
@PhilYHusband: 1-1 full time! :(

à 20 minutes after the game:
@craigburrows: internet issues but it’s back.  Myanmar score last minute equalizer.  FINAL SCORE: 1-1

@craigburrows: Sorry that we had problems with the internet.  Coach says it was a fair result.

@craigburrows: Absolutely exhausted and sorry to say photos are not good because of bright sunlight on one half shadow on the other

@craigburrows: Roy Moore was the star tweeting through the match.  I was photographer and not so good.

à 1 hour after the game
@cedelfpt: guys apologies for the non-tweets in 2nd half. no tv coverage again on wed and fri

@anton_delro: Heartbreak! 1-1draw in the 90th minute from a lucky free kick.  No bueno but we’ll keep on keepin’ on!  Game vs Palestine Wednesday!

@cedelfpt: same time game on wed and fri

@cedelfpt: Scorers: James Younghusband 76th minute (PK) Khin Muang Lwin (90+2)


UPDATE: check this link to see tweets from @DYANCASTILLEJO that were probably blocked or unposted because of the intermittent internet connection.  It explains how we got the Penalty Kick that scored our goal (poor Yanti Barsales... ouch!)

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