Saturday, March 26, 2011

AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers: Bangladesh vs Phil update 2

Is that Ian Araneta under that pile?  He scored the 1st goal of the match.  
Wouldn’t it be cool if he can score another hat trick?  Then he’d have a hat trick of hat tricks :P
Photo from by Craig Burros and Roy Moore.  More pics here.

Yesterday’s 3-0 victory of the Azkals and their consequent advance to the 2012 AFC Challenge Finals has been much covered by the media.  I can’t really say much about the game coz I’m waiting for ABS-CBN to confirm the schedule of the delayed telecast.  So while we wait for the delayed telecast, here are some great articles on the match by people who were there (lucky them):

And there are even video highlights… personally, I don’t wanna watch it coz I still want to feel a little excitement and surprise when I watch the delayed telecast of the match (even if I already know the outcome)… but if you’re interested, here are the links:

This is crazy… three years ago, Philippine Football may probably not have this much coverage.  And I am soo happy that this sport is finally getting attention.  I hope many Pinoys out there will finally appreciate this beautiful game.

Here’s a great article about the fans (new and old) of Philippine Football.  I agree with what writer is saying.  I started to like football because of a certain sexy, hunky player.  Now, that player has already retired but I’m still around.  Sometimes too obsessed with the sport that I annoy friends that are non-fans J  …I hope new fans will stick around, long after these players will hang up their boots.

BTW, the Philippines vs Palestine match will be aired on Tuesday while the Philippines vs Bangladesh will be on Wednesday.  But official word yet on the exact times and the replay.

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