Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Champions League Quarterfinals 1st Leg Schedule

Soooo excited for the Quarterfinals to start tomorrow!!! J

Balls Channel hasn’t released the schedule yet for the Quarterfinals.  But the sked for tomorrow’s matches is:

Real Madrid vs Tottenham


Inter Milan vs Schalke

I checked the digital box thingy and they will air the live telecast of the Quarterfinal matches on the ff times:

April 6 @ 2:30 AM
April 6 @ 4:30 AM

But it doesn’t indicate which match it will be which.  So if you have a favourite team playing tomorrow, guess you’ll have to be up at 2AM to see who’s playing at 2:30AM or 4:30AM :P

Btw, There will be a UEFA Preview Show at 2AM, before the 1st match.

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